Om oss

Who are we

Just in the case you think is a swedish online casino. No. We are a website collecting news about the bonuses, free spins and other casino updates. There are no deposits, nor registrations on possible and all casino games on can be played for free. For real players we selected the best online casinos operating on the regulated european gaming market. All of them have a valid licence, obey the European law, pay taxes and licence fees in Europe.

Is the list of online licensed online casinos complete?

Not at all. We cooperate only with the big ones, providing the highest quality, employing thousands of people. There are indeed a smaller players on the market with a good quality of their product.

Ho do I play free casino games on

Go to CasinoSpel A-Z, choose a game and click on "Klicka här och spela gratis" or "Spel gratis" button. If the game is not launching try to reload it. If the game is slow, check your internet connection and maybe reboot your computer. Please note: Not all the casino games are available to be played in your jurisdiction. Some game providers simply do not operate in your country.

What about the Cookies?

Cookies are allowed by default by your browser, but they can be switched off. is not using any Cookies so do not worry.

So you are not a casino. Who exactly is behind the Project?

My name is Martin Stranski and I am a combination of a boring IT guy and game and sportsbook freak. I established an Maltese company to run the business legally.

Do you have more questions?

I am happy to hear that and will be even happier to answer them. Please feel free to contact us. Here you will find the contact information.